The 10 Keys to Open a Small/Home-Based Business


8 May 2030    
7:00 pm - 8:15 pm


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You’ve got an idea for your business. You’ve researched, consulted experts, received training, maybe raised capital, and you have the passion to run it. WHERE DO YOU GO FROM HERE? After all you’ve done to open your business or are now open, ASK YOURSELF–Am I a Business or Hobby? (see IRC Sec 183 for answer)

The answer to this question could save or cost you thousands of dollars. It could cost you HEFTY Penalties AND Interest from the IRS. Not answering this question correctly could also cost you Thousands of dollars in lost business deductions!!

This 75-Minute seminar will HELP you get the answers, and SAVE money.

No matter the TRAINING you’ve had, the EXPERIENCE you have in your field, the MARKETING skills you have to sell your product or service, the TALENT you have to run a SUCCESSFUL business, if you DON’T FOLLOW THESE STEPS, it will all mean NOTHING! You won’t have a legal leg to stand on without this information when confronted by the IRS.

You’ll learn how to be a LEGAL business ENTITY with these 10 steps:

  • various types of business entities, which is right for you
  • how to file a fictitious business name
  • review a short business plan you can use
  • why have a business license and where to go
  • review a marketing plan that is flexible and changeable
  • see a GOOD daily business diary that is IRS audit proof
  • what is the minimum you MUST work your business per the IRS?
  • types of professional advice you need
  • is business capital needed, financing options?
  • business vs. personal accounts

You’ll learn how to REDUCE your TAXABLE income, LOWER your TAXES, and SAVE you money—Maybe get MORE BACK!

You’ll receive, no matter what type of business you have, be it sole-proprietor, partnership, LLC, or Corporation how to have a legitimate, legal business in the eyes of the IRS, and state and local government!

We’ll destroy some MYTHS that we hear about, LIKE—My Accountant will take of it—NO he/she won’t–You have to; You must make a profit 3 out of 5 years, or you don’t have a business–BIG MYTH Error; You can’t deduct 100% of medical/dental expenses, meals, auto mileage; AND MORE

PLUS, as a BONUS–We’ll introduce you to 2 Tax Strategies of over 150 from the IRS Code, that can save you THOUSANDS.
This seminar will be offered at your location within 50 miles of Provo, Utah.


The cost is very reasonable, affordable, AND Tax deductible at $20 per person (minimum of 10 people for the seminar).

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